A paramedic is a medical professional, usually a member of the emergency medical services, who primarily provides pre-hospital advanced medical and trauma care. A paramedic is charged with providing emergency on-scene treatment, crisis intervention, life-saving stabilization and transport of ill or injured patients to definitive emergency medical and surgical treatment facilities, such as hospitals and trauma centers.

CMS diploma is known as diploma in Community Medical Services. It is a diploma for primary health care by general Allopathic medicines, which are recommended by the world health Organasation for primary health care. The Hon. Supreme court has given an order that CMS diploma holder can given the treatment in all disease including Infection disease .

Paramedical Provides their services in different Medical field as Co-operator or as on assistent to the society under qualified doctor. All courses will be complited by D.E.P. (Distance Learning Programmes Distance Education Pattern or By Correspondence pattern.

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